Working Model 3D:
Working Model 3D by Knowledge Revolution is a three-dimensional dynamics simulation program for personal computers. The dynamics engine is based on real world Newtonian mechanics. A snapshot of Working Model 3D is shown below.

To run the Export VRML program,  clicking on the Tools menu and select Export VRML. A snapshot of Export VRML and the About box are shown below.

Export VRML Translator:
The Export VRML program converts Working Model 3D data to VRML2.0 for playback purposes. The program uses Microsoft object linking and embedding (OLE ) control to get geometry, position, and orientation data and creates a VRML 2.0 output.  The VRML 2.0 output consist of the geometry and followed by a list of time in a row, called the " Key" and then followed by the list of positions and angles, called "keyValues" at different times. Click on the Readme file and the VB source code for more information.

Readme file for  Export VRML (MS Word document Office97)
VB Source code for the Export VRML (zip file)

VRML Examples of Working Model 3D simulation:

VRML Model of Conveyer ( 238 k )
VRML Model of rings ( 170 k )
Log Machine (1.7 M)
Robot (181k)
Airplane landing (280k)
Piston (189k)
Man falling (632k)
digger (378k)

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