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VRML97 to X3D Translation


Package for translating between VRML97 and X3D files

by Qiming Wang

This is a standalone software package for tranlating the VRML97 file and X3D file. The translation is based on the specification of "x3d-compact.dtd" and "X3dToVrml97.xsl", both of them can be found in The programs are Java Application.

VRML97 To X3D (Version 1.0) UPDATED 6/4/2004

Note NEW NAME: Vrml97ToX3dNist

The translator is based on the VRML parser "pw" developed by the Institute for Information Processing and Computer Supported New Media (IICM), Graz University of Technology, Austria.

 To download the translator from VRML97 to X3D, now called Vrml97ToX3dNist Right click and save the tar file.

 After extracting the Vrml97Tox3dNist.tar, you will have a Vrml97ToX3dNist.jar, a Makefile (developed by Don Brutzman) and directories of "javasrc", "test", "class". In "test" directory, there is a C shell "v2x3dtest" and a pc batch file "v2x3dtest.bat", and some examples. In "javasrc" directory, there are source java programs. In "class" directory, there are class files.

The changes of the version 1.0 (5/10/2004) by Qiming Wang:

  1. The translation is based on "x3d-3.0.dtd"
  2. Implemented the translation of IS/connect in "Script", "ProtoDeclare", "ProtoInstance".
  3. Changed the usage of USE/DEF in "Script".

The changes of the (03/21/2002) version, by Don Brutzman:

  1. Default head and meta tags has been created to be similar to default newScene.x3d provided with X3D example.
  2. Created new simple Makefile that compiles everything and creates .jar
  3. Created batch file to accompany X3D distribution to perform translation
  4. Makefile also creates javadoc showing packages and classes

The changes of the version 0.1 (03/06/2002) by Don Brutzman:

  1. Generate a proper header for the X3D file.
  2. Rename vrml97Hint to accessType, remove xml:space=\"preserve\".
  3. Fixed the bug for test file "newshape.wrl".
  4. The file extension .xml in "test" directory has been changed to .x3d.


The translator is based on the XML parser xerces and XSLT xlan. The xerces and xlan are wrapped in the x3dv2.jar. The reason for it is that user does not have to download the XML parser and XSLT. To download the translator from X3D to VRML97, Right click and save the tar file.

 After extracting the x3dv2.tar, you will have a x3dv2.jar and a directory test. In the test directory, there is a C shell "x3dv2test" for runnung in UNIX system and a batch file "x3dv2test.bat" for running in Windows, and some examples.


The VVRM project is a product of the Visualization and Usability Group, Information Access Division, Information Technology Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

General Infomation and Comments:
Project Manager: Sandy Ressler

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