CAESAR Animations


These links point to VRML animations of CAESAR body scans. The VRML bodies were automatically created, starting with INTEGRATE (software for the manipulation of CAESAR scans) scripts which segment the CAESAR body into individual body parts. Those parts are converted and compressed into VRML geometry files. These files are then placed into the HANIM format ( and existing animation sequences are applied. The original source of the animations comes from the "Nancy" VRML HANIM model thanks to Cindy Ballreich. You can find the original on the site. All of the segmentation and conversion work was produced by Qiming Wang.

In addition to the conversion to HANIM the anthropometric landmarks, derived from the CAESAR landmark file are represented as spheres which display their position and names when the user places a cursor over them.

Please note that the vast majority (over 4000 humans) of CAESAR subjects are proprietary and available for purchase from the SAE ( These models are from the 10 subjects the CAESAR project has placed into the public domain. All of our segmentation scripts and conversion tools are also in the public domain.

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This work is a product of the Visualization and Usability Group, Information Access Division, Information Technology Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is partially funded by the SIMA program.

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Project Manager: Sandy Ressler

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