Manip - VRML Manipulation Tools

Greg Seidman

Manip allows specially prepared VRML 1.0 files to be viewed with interactive toggling of parts between wireframe and solid, as well as toggling between wireframe toggling and link following. One can think of two modes for the file itself and two modes for the file itself and two modes for each part (the parts are defined by the special preparation required): the file mode can be either MANIPULATION or NAVIGATION, and the part modes can be either SOLID or WIREFRAME. The default file mode is MANIPULATION and the default part mode is SOLID. Twosections follow on the use of this CGI VRML filter, one on the preparation of the VRML file and the second on the interactive use of the filter. Manip has only been compiled and tested on UNIX boxes.

Data and Document Links

manip.tgz gzipped tar (6K) source code file

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