Navigating Through Information

Sandy Ressler

Vist the Customized User Interface for an early look at how to combine panoramic images with a personallized information environment.

We have a mock up of the NIST campus in which you can travel where you like and obtain information in various types of media. Documents, digital video and virtual lab tours are all accessable via this front end.

Currently this is not a functioning "true" VR set up and is simply a mock up proof-of-concept demonstration, implemented on a Macintosh. The software used to create the walkthoughs was Virtus Walkthrough from which QuickTime movies were generated. These movies and the overall user interactions, and integration were done with MacroMedia Director.

NIST Walkthrough (394K)

This particular "virtual lab tour" ends with a view of an office. The goal is to link the various items in the office to Mosaic such that items "contain" links and represent a 3D hotlist. Ideally one would like to travel the Internet find items of interest and bring the links back as visual objects which one could place in the office.

Office Tour (281K)

As an extention to the passive viewing of scenes we are exploring the use of "surrogate" travel techniques in conjunction with Mosaic. For the original, albeit hacked up demo click here. For a much improved version visi the Virtual Corridor developed by Allen Sun.

The paper "Approaches Using Virtual Environments with Mosaic" for the WWW94 conference.

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