Matsushita's Virtual Kitchen

One of the most widely publicized examples of VR used by the public is a setup created by Matsushita in Japan. To quote from Newquists article: The most famous (and in danger of becoming something of a self-caricature) is Matsushita's Virtual Kitchen, a retail application set up in Japan to help people choose appliances and furnishings for the relatively small kitchen apartment spaces in Tokyo. Users bring their architectural plans to the Matsushita store, and a virtual copy of their home kitchen is programmed into the computer system. Buyers can then mix and match appliances, cabinets, colors, and sizes to see what their complete kitchen will look like-without ever installing a single item in the actual location.

The Matsushita VR Kitchen is significant because it one of the only examples of a VR systems set up for public use, that is not a game or in a research lab. The general public is invited to use the configuration.