Equipment Maintenance - Columbia University work

Some interesting work in the use of augmented reality for equipment maintenance is being done at Columbia University under the direction of Steven Feiner. The testbed application for this project is end-user laser printer maintenance. The system configuration consists of a Reflection Technology Private Eye, Logitech 3D position trackers and a mirror beam splitter. Although the scenario use at Columbia is simplistic their innovation lies is coupling a knowledge based system with the AR configuration. Their system IBIS (Intent-Based Illustration System) is a rule-based system that designs illustrations, according to a prioritized list of communicative goals.

During operation of a paper filling operation, a vector graphic display is displayed on top of the real object and the toner cartridge is highlighted with dotted lines and the paper tray is highlighted with a textual callout.

FIGURE 3. Experimental setup for augmented reality application at Columbia