Translator from Deneb IGRIP/TGRIP device to VRML2

This translator is used to translate Deneb IGRIP/TGRIP device to VRML2. The Translator translates the heirechy geometry structure of device and joint kinematics. It also creates slides in the VRML world to control the joint values, and generates several HTML files used to show joint and parts related information. And if VRML browser has function Browser.setDescription such as CosmoPlayer V1.0 for SGI, the current joint values are shown on the text area of the browser.

Download (using right mouse button and pick Save Link As to save it)

VRML2 devices translated from IGRIP/TGRIP

This is an example for PC CosmoPlayer V1.0 or exampe for SGI CosmoPlayer V1.0 of VRML device translated from Deneb IGRIP device.

Qiming Wang
Last modified: Wed Jul 16 10:55:30 EDT 1997