QuickTimeVR and Radiance

This is an image of an office space. Greg Ward created this overhead view using the freely available software package Radiance. He also created cylindrical panaromas from each of the six viewpoints. I took those and used the Apple QuickTime VR Authoring kit to make QuickTime VR nodes. If you click on a numbered circle above you will be able to retrieve the GIF image of the view from that point of the office. From there you will be able to access the QuickTime VR node for that view.

We have combined these into a large multi-node scene. However, if you are on a slow link you may want to look at one of the images or single node scenes instead.

In case you can't hit those little circles up there, you can get to the image pages here:

And you can get the individual QuickTime VR nodes here (which you will be able to view only if you have a QuickTime VR player):

Last updated: 9/6/95