Anthropometric Landmarks of the Head

by Sandy Ressler, Greg Seidman, Matt Buckley
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The VRML world below illustrates over 40 anthropometric landmarks of the human head. These landmarks are being used by the CAESAR project as part of one of the largest civilian anthropometric surveys ever undertaken. The project is being jointly run by the CARD Lab and the SAE.

To excercise features of the VRML world move the cursor over the spherical dots on the face and the name of the landmark will appear (without clicking). Move the slider on  top of the head to fade the dots in and out.

The geometry and texture for the face was created by a one of the 3D image scanners at the CARD Lab. Thanks to Kathleen Robinette of the CARD Lab for the anthropometric landmark info and the image data. For more info on anthropometry check out our AnthroKids web site.

VRML illustrationVRML illustrationVRML illustration

Show Me The Face! (gzipped 188K) (unzipped 900K)

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