Welcome to "Kinematics 'R Us" the friendly place to learn about the fascinating world of kinematics (without falling asleep). This Web illustrates a variety of basic kinematic principles using the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML2).

Simply use the Table of Contents above to gain deep insight (or at least pretend to your boss that your doing work) into kinematics. Much of the kinematic terminology used is derived from "Part 105" of the STEP ISO standard (ISO 10303-105). Although the final STEP documents are not available for free due to ISO copyrights much of the information is available on-line at several repositories.

Initially we simplified the STEP kinematic standard schema. Next we created example kinematic structures of that schema. The structures were then parsed by a set of NIST developed tools (another group at NIST) which we modified to produce VRML2. The actual geometry pointed to in these structures was created in Deneb's software and converted to VRML2 via another converter we created. The specific behaviors and control widgets were added by hand (not a pretty sight).

Sounds kind of complicated right? Yes actually it is, however we now have a general mechanism to create new kinematic structures along with a demonstrable method for visualizing kinematic principles with VRML.


Following are the tools used to create the worlds used in "Kinematics 'R Us":

[Visualization and Virtual Reality Group] [Open Virtual Reality Testbed]