Last updated:  September 29, 2000

JVEDI LEGO Server/Client:
Allows you to control and monitor multiple Lego Mindstorm robots.  By turning on and off each of the Lego's three outputs, each robot can be moved in multiple directions.  It is also possible to monitor any of the three input sensors of each robot.

Readme file for lego server/client project (text file)
Lego server/client project source code (jar file)
Lego server/client project source code (tar file)

JVEDI Sony Camera Server/Client:
These procedures let you run a Sony Camera server that clients can use to control the operation of a Sony EVI-D30 camera and also to monitor the current status and position of the camera.

Readme file for camera server/client project (text file)
Camera server/client project source code (tar file)
Example of single camera VRML application (tar file)

JVEDI Flock of Birds Server/Client:
This monitor allows remote clients to find out the current position of the Flock of Birds device attached to the server's machine.

Readme file for flock of birds server/client project (text file)
Flock of birds server/client project source code (tar file)

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