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VizTek creators of VR walls and CAVE type sytems along with systems integration capabilities, fully immersive PC-based VR system.2/11/02

Clemson University's VR research and activities. 6/29/95
The Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology illustrates many graphics and user interface projects including a good section on virtual environments.
Greg Seidman a clever summer student here at NIST has some VRML goodies for you. 8/29/95
Ian's VR Buying Guide., a nice set of VR products and tables. 2/13/96
U of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory (VRL), a very nice collection of info on VR. 7/30/96
Rutgers CAIP Virtual Reality Lab, terrific VR laboratory with emphasis on force feedback. 4/18/96
The Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington in Seattle probably contains the most extensive collection of information about VR avaliable on the net.
The Interactive Visualizer at Georgia Tech is a full fledged VR environment being used in a wide variety of projects.
Virtual Polyhedra a way cool page of VRML polyhedra. 10/9/96
Mississippi State Virtual Environment/Interactive Systems Programat the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Computational Field Simulation
Montgomery Blair High School Virtual Walkthrough shows how all us old geezer computer types better watch out as the kids are catching up.
The MR Toolkit from the University of Alberta is one of the most robust and widely used VR software tools and libraries. It is available with source code.
VENUS the Virtual Environment Navigation in the Underground Sites is a large scale effort at CERN to use virtual prototyping for the next generation particle accelerator.
3D Imager, Stereoscopic image creation, a shareware product by AMPK Software Ltd. 10/22/96
5DT Fifth Dimension Technologies, makers of a variety of consumer oriented VR products.2/28/97
Acuris, 3D models, including VRML. 12/10/96
Aereal Inc. , has oodles of VRML and is home of Proteinman's Top Ten VRML Sights.11/22/95
Aesthetic Solutions Creators of some new VRML authoring tools.2/5/98
Amusitronix a leading supplier of VR entertainment.5/31/01
The Apple QuickTime VR Web Site has lots of cool QTVR examples and information. 7/19/95
Applied Virtual Reality Corporation (AVR) in their words "Founded in 1994, AVR was formed to be Canada's leading resource for information, education, research and VR technology acquisition in the application of the Virtual Reality medium".
Argus VR International Creators of VR for exhibits and much more. 1/29/99
The Armchair Travel Company Ltd, some folks really using QuickTime VR in interesting ways. 10/19/95
Atlantis Cyberspace Virtual Reality Entertainment Centers a location based entertainment outfit with an extensive web site. 8/24/95
blaxxun interactive, (formerly Black Sun) tool makers for building online communities and collaborative environments.2/19/97
Biomechanics, Inc. a motion capture company, has some way cool MPEGs of human motion.
Cicada Web Development, VRML and Web site developers. 5/21/96
Computers and More, sellers of Virtual Reality Gear.3/17/97
Crystal River Engineering offers a variety of 3D sound systems for your virtual worlds.
CyberEdge Electric, the on-line companion to the CyberEdge Jounal, chock full of information on all aspects of VR. 10/26/95
Cybermind formerly Virtuality the main purveyors of VR arcade game units and more. 10/21/98
Cybertown ,a cyberspace web environment that's extremely well designed, uses VRML and lots of other techno-widgets.12/7/95
dFORM LLC A VRML consulting house with a really cool set of pages on Euclid's and geometric primitives. 9/3/96
Deneb Robotics, makers of robotic and facotory simulation software with VR capabilities. 12/6/96
Digital Tech Frontier vendors of VR systems for rental and trade show applications.2/16/00
DIVE Laboratories, makers of a variety of interesting VR products such as Amber (modeing tool) and vrTrader a VR financial application. 10/5/95
Division Ltd one of the few VR players that can provide complete systems. 7/18/95
Dreamality Technologies manufacturers of VR simulators for hang gliders, ultralights and more 10/7/97
E-Spaces a VR service house.9/3/99
EINET Galaxy a commercial provider of network communications and information has a nice web page on Virtual Reality.
Electric Labs a QTVR and 3D grphics outfit with a large assortment of work. 9/3/96
ERG Engineering Inc., a cool collection of project done by Eben Gay and his cohorts.1/31/96
euroVR nice collection of QuickTimeVR images from around europe with links to companies.10/6/99
euroVR nice collection of QuickTimeVR images from around europe with links to companies.10/6/99
Extempo Systems, creators of improvisational synthetic characters. 1/15/97
Godbusters An intersting 3D search site, only a movie database but more coming.2/3/98
GOMIDa pure Java 3D web browser.3/16/01
GT Interactive Software has a nice web site of games including VR games such as Locus 8/28/95
High Techsplanations has a web site illustrating ther surgical simulation and biomedical visualization systems. 6/28/95
HIMUM an interesting Italian VR site with the Cyclops educational VR (custom projects) system. 6/1/98
Holophonics a 3D Virtual Sound system. 7/7/95
Humana Virtualis, an interesting repository of links to topics related to virtual humans. 2/5/97
i-glasses developer page, a collection of resources for a popular HMD 7/8/98
Immersion Corporation has some way cool force feedback devices for medical applications. 3/11/96
Information Assets, Inc. Engineering VRML 2/15/96
Interactive Imaging makers of the VFX3D HMD and other VR tools.2/16/99
InWorld VR Inc, has an interesting JAVA 3D API. 12/11/96
Kaiser Electro-Optics HMDs a leading supplier of HMD's head mounted displays, very high quality. 7/9/01
Liquid Image makers of a variety of Head Mounted Displays (HMDs).
Maelstrom vendors of VR hardware and software. Can create custom marketing applications.3/21/00
Mesh Mart's VRML Page, Richard Tilmann's extensive collection of VRML sites and tools. 3/25/96
Paragraph International, a pioneer in VRML development tools. 4/10/97
RealiMation ,a VR Simulation and Game Development Tool.12/6/95
RMH A German Virtual Reality firm with a cool portable cave product. 11/13/98
SensAble Technology, makers of the PHANToM force feedback VR device. 4/25/97
SENSE8 Corporation, makers of the widely use WorldToolKit.11/30/95
SGI's VRML site 8/5/97
StrayLight Corp. vendors of VR hardware and software, for applications like Location Based Entertainment and more.8/30/00
Superscape makers of a complete suite of PC based VR software. 8/28/95
Template Graphics Software an old time vendor of lots of graphics software products is working on a commercial 3D web browser using VRML.
ThemeKit makes a VR graphics engine for PCs with an API and WYSIWYG VR development environment. 3/5/96
VFX1, makers of immersive VR gear for PCs. 2/12/97
VIS-SIM.ORG terrific resource for the visual simulation industry.10/25/99
Virtual Motion Immersive VR R&D company8/24/98
Virtual Reality Glossary, nice collection of Web sites and information about VR by Henry Targowski of Mark/Space. 3/26/96
Virtual Realities vendors of all types of immersive VR equipment.12/9/99
Virtual Reality Publishing good collection of VR links7/15/97
The Virtual Reality Source offers a large collection of VR devices and services.7/7/99
The Virtual Reality Store, a place to find all those VR toys. 5/21/96
Virtual Technologies, makers of the CyberGlove a high resolution glove and other CyberWear. 10/5/95
Virtuality, a leading immersive VR company. 1/3/97
VirtuallyReal Group a serivce bureau producing high quality 360 panoramas and objects.1/2/01
Virtus home of the fabulous Virtus Walkthrough modeling system.
VRealm Suite of VR products, including a VRML plug-in. 5/21/96
VResources, new improved updated link to site with healty collection of VR links. 1/31/97
The VR CD-ROM Revision 1 by Network Cybernetics Corporation. A collection of thousands of up to date files on VR, Telepresence, Telerobotics and Computer Simulation. 8/17/95
VREAM, makers of WIRL a VRML browserand lots of other cool stuff. 4/12/96
Weblynx Ultimate World Library, a very thorough collection of VRML files and information.1/22/96
WebMolecules A serous chemistry site with over 2000 VRML chemical structures12/15/97
ZD3D, Ziff-Davis VRML site.1/19/96
The Contact Consortium, a nascent cyberspace culture, organizers of Earth to Avatars conference. 11/12/96
Diabetes and VRML a fasicating combination of VRML and information about diabetes. 9/3/96
ExpressVR, Brad Anderson's (a high school kid!!) creation of the first Netscape VRML plug-in for the Mac. 3/20/96
Focus on VRML comprehensive VRML Mining Co. site. 4/27/98
Scientific Analysis and Visualization of the Environment Maui Program VRML world 5/5/97
Ultimate Future, a site of VR philosophers, inventors and more. 12/23/96
The Virtual Reality Allience of Students and Professionals (VRASP) a not-for-profit organization is up on the Web.
Virtual Reality Philosophical Essays, by Gil Markle. 12/9/96
The VRML Repository, the mother-of-all-VRML sites. 2/19/97
VRML Worlds by Jeff Harrington some interesting artsy worlds, lots of textures. 10/17/96
The Army Research Institute has a Mac based server illustrating research on the effects of immersion.
Johnson Space Center VR Lab. check out one of the few "serious" VR applications, such a training for Space Shuttle missions 3/5/96
The MCS (Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory is exploring virtual environment and hey...they have a CAVE.
Medical Virtual Reality at the National Cacer Center in Tokyo3/16/99
Metro Nashville Police, has some QTVR nodes for crime scene applications.11/20/95
The Naval Postgraduate School has lots of good VR work...check it out.
The NCSA VR Lab Home Page illustrates the ever expanding work being done at NCSA.
The The Virtual Environment Generator will carry virtual reality into space, courtesy of NASA, in a 1998 Space Shuttle Mission.
Virtual Environment for Submarine Ship Handling Training 10/6/97
Virtual Reality Environments for Psychoneurophysiological Assessment and Rehabilitation, a European Community project Telematics for health- HC 1053 4/4/97
Last but not least the Open Virtual Reality Testbed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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