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Internet: battle pilot in the Spielcasino - 3-D-Welt 3-D-Welt 3-D-Welt 3-D-Welt WORLD

In the campaign, Steve Kash shook diligently hands. Now the locksmith and father of two children is out of the village Napa in California on target: with larger majority, he were selected to the mayor of Cybertown.

Kash led the campaign comfortably of at home, for the inhabitants of the Onlinestadt meet themselves only in virtual Plauderecken, that Chatrooms, that are stored on the kalifornischen computer of the citizens of Munich Multimediafirma Blaxxun Interactive.

Kash leads so to speak a double life: in the Internet, it is Avatar, a three-dimensional Fantasiefigur that is moved with the computer mouse in real time by virtual street and building. „I see the other inhabitants of Cybertown, and that see me“, schwärmt Kash. „I can on certain figure close and come with them into the conversation.“

The Cybertown-citizens amuse themselves in three-dimensional game casinos, experience exciting rollercoaster trip on the 3-D-Kirmes 3-D-Kirmes 3-D-Kirmes 3-D-Kirmes 3-D-Kirmes vertigo or encounter themselves in a virtual movie theater to video transmission. Stadtverordnete appear to the Onlineratssitzungen in skurriler Aufmachung. Kash itself impress the community as a F-16-Bomberpilot. „My three-dimensional likeness in the Web my life changed“, says Kash. „Each time, if I me einlogge, feel me I like a world conqueror.“

Three-dimensional Web-page are yet scarce, dress however a raging quickly growing public. Two year ago, Cybertown counted be yet 5000 inhabitants, today it over a half million, that registered over the Internet. Cybertown-founder Tony Rockliff: „most children grow up today with 3-D-Videospielen 3-D-Videospielen 3-D-Videospielen 3-D-Videospielen VIDEO-GAME. That expect the same environment also in the Internet.“

Three-dimensional world become the Web in the future dominieren, believes Sandy Ressler, vice president of Web3D-Consortium, a worldwide amalgamation of software firms to the development of a 3-D-Standards 3-D-Standards 3-D-Standards 3-D-Standards STANDARD in the Internet. „All, what 3 is-D in the actual life, becomes 3-D in the Internet“, says Ressler that works as an informatics in the uppermost US-Normungsbehörde in Gaithersburg (Maryland). In the Chatrooms of the future, no longer only words are exchanged. Avatare will enrich the communication with expression and body language.

First few firms as well as the office outfitter Office depot in Delray Beach (Florida) have previously the verkaufsfördernde Potenzial of 3-D-Darstellungen 3-D-Darstellungen 3-D-Darstellungen 3-D-Darstellungen REPRESENTATION recognized. On the Web-page of Office depot customers desks can observe out of each desired angle. The sport shoe manufacturers Nike offer that on its Web-page „“ its course shoes to walk-through. And the Berliner Multimediafirma Lunatic Interactive succeeded on what American Onlineticketdienste failed previously: the Web-designers of the Spree constructed the Bochumer Starlight express Musicaltheater after. He who want to buy a ticket, can test before the visibility per Mausklick from each any seat for the stage.

3D places museum landscape on the head

In the New Yorker Guggenheim museum, art experts mithilfe of the 3-D-Technologie 3-D-Technologie 3-D-Technologie 3-D-Technologie TECHNOLOGY plan the upheaval of the museum landscape. The next branch of the famous art empire is opened after three year program time as „Guggenheim Virtual museum“ in the Cyberspace. Project leader Matthew Drutt promises: „that the first virtual building will want of architectural importance.“ Drutt the Web-visitors through an Atrium to one „media wall“ pilot where they can select out of several art offers. They can themselves in Sonderausstellungen of digital art or into the 3-D-Archiv 3-D-Archiv 3-D-Archiv 3-D-Archiv ARCHIVE for digital architecture einklicken. Through a further canal of the media wall, they arrive at the Guggenheim-muses in New York, Berlin, Venice and Bilbao. Drutt: „the visitors become then through three-dimensional copy of these museum buildings change and see picture of the issued works of art.“

The Guggenheim-management renounced on that to delegate Web-designer for the construct of the page. It heuerte instead the New Yorker architect office Asymptote Architects on. The office sketches likewise building out of stone and bytes, among other things one virtual stock exchange hall in which share dealers can complete businesses additional the New Yorker stock exchange. „In the virtual museum it will give more“to no two-dimensional spots, announces architect Hani Rashid of Asymptote. Rashid use a combination today current technology: the page becomes with the Web-program language HTML, the Apple-Onlinevideotechnologie Quick Time and the 3-D-Sprache 3-D-Sprache 3-D-Sprache 3-D-Sprache LANGUAGE VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language), the Standard-3-D-Programmiersprache for the World
Web would widen constructed.

Yet between the technologies of the 3-D-Architekten 3-D-Architekten 3-D-Architekten 3-D-Architekten ARCHITECTS and the 3-D-Nutzer 3-D-Nutzer 3-D-Nutzer 3-D-Nutzer 3-D-Nutzer gape world. The Nutzer must itself with reactionary reception software herumquälen. „With the Browsern we are totally discontented“, complain Cybertown-developer Rockliff. Also the newest versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer recognize only the two-dimensional world. The 3-D-Dateien 3-D-Dateien 3-D-Dateien 3-D-Dateien FILES composed with the VRML-language are duplicated only as a data salad, plagued loads if the Nutzer not before a so named-in on its PC. To be sure that understand plagued remain locked-into the only certain 3-D-Anwendungen, other virtual rooms them.

The Web3D-Consortium knows 50 Programmier- and representation technology. „Who today four different Web-page with 3-D-Darstellungen 3-D-Darstellungen 3-D-Darstellungen 3-D-Darstellungen REPRESENTATION searches for, must toiled in the unfavorable case four-into the herunterladen“, says Web3D-Vizepräsident Ressler. With the 3-D-Anbietern 3-D-Anbietern 3-D-Anbietern 3-D-Anbietern BIDDERS, Ressler work busily on a standardization of the systems, so finally end February on an international conference of the Consortiums in Paderborn: „until it so far is, be filled not only the Cyberwelt, but rather also our hard disk.“

16.03.2001 19.27 Clock

Zum Chart Dax 6.216,21
Zum Chart Nemax 1.907,77
Zum Chart Dow 11.029,20
  Euro 0,8559

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