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This is a mirror site for the source code for Chisel and Vorlon, two VRML optimization utilities generously placed into the public domain by Michael St. Hippolyte and his company Trapezium. If you do use this code in your work, please acknowledge the originators of the code, Trapezium.

Currently there is no documentation. Chisel and Vorlon are written in Java. A source code management system for this code is in the process of being set up at the Web3D Consortium site. We encourage interested persons to place useful modifications to the code back in the source tree at the consortium.

This is the former home of WebChisel. We have discontinued support of WebChisel, as a new web site with support on many platforms now exists, please visit them instead of using WebChisel.

This software is provided as-is, with no warrenties expressed or implied, use it at your own risk.

This mirror is provided as a service to the VRML community by the Visualization and Usability Group, Information Access Division, Information Technology Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is partially funded by the SIMA program.

General Infomation and Comments:
Project Manager: Sandy Ressler

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